Relaxation Facial - Our facials are a relaxing combination of pampering and stress relief.   A cleanser, exfoliate, and moisturizer along with massage concentrating on the face, scalp, neck or décolleté are perfect add-ons to any of our massage treatments or to be enjoyed simply by itself.  
30min Classic Relaxation Facial - $40                  45min Total Relaxation Facial - $50  (added time to massage arms and hands)  

​​​Ultimate Foot Treatment - A luxurious treatment that begins with warm towels and a sea salt exfoliation from just below the knees to your feet, followed with a relaxing warm volcanic stone massage to ease foot tension to immediately calm your mind and relax your entire body. 
30min Ultimate Foot Treatment  - $40   


CranioSacral Therapy - an Introduction to CST by Kimberly Milligan - A light touch whole body treatment that works the craniosacral system to support and nourish the central nervous system, thus improving overall health and well-being.

60-70min - $60

What can I expect from a CranioSacral Therapy Session?  In a typical session you remain fully clothed as you relax on a comfortable, padded table.  Your therapist begins by gently touching various parts of your head and body to monitor the rhythm of the fluid that is flowing around your central nervous system.  By carefully listening with the hands to locate areas of weak fluid flow or tissue motion, your therapist can trace those areas of weakness through the body to the original source of dysfunction.  Delicate manual techniques are then used to release those problem areas, and improve the form and function of your central nervous system.  A CranioSacral Therapy session can be used alone or integrated with other therapies to facilitate powerful changes.  CST has been shown to naturally reduce pain and stress, strengthen your resistance to disease, and enhance your health and well-being.  What you experience from your own session is highly individual and because CST is so gentle, it has been shown to be effective for all ages, from newborns to elders. 

CST has been shown to help a full spectrum of pain and dysfunction, including:  migraines and headaches, chronic neck and back pain, stress and tension related disorders, motor-coordination impairments, infant and childhood disorders, spinal cord injuries, post-concussion symptoms, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, TMJ syndrome, scoliosis, central nervous system disorders, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, orthopedic problems, and many other conditions.

Other services
Massage Services

Each style of massage assures tension release, circulation enhancement, and will be performed by a licensed massage therapist.  Your comfort level is of most importance; draping will be maintained at all times. 

Massage Therapy


Aromatherapy Massage - A soothing massage that combines the techniques of a swedish massage with the added use of an essential oil for aromatic benefits to help enhance your overall relaxation experience.  

60min - $70     90min - $95

Swedish Relaxation Massage - A gentle relaxation massage that uses smooth gliding strokes and light to medium pressure to help you relax.  Promotes a sense of well-being with calming of the nervous system.

30min - $35     45min - $50     60min - $60     90min - $85


Dual Purpose Massage - A gentle relaxation massage with targeted deep tissue work for the perfect combination of therapeutic & relaxation.  Great for troubled spots and stress relief.

30min - $40     45min - $55     60min - $65     90min - $90


Deep Tissue Massage - A more vigorous massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle, fascia and connective tissue to relieve chronic muscle tension and knots.

30min - $45     45min - $60     60min - $70     90min - $95


Prenatal Massage  - A gentle massage for the mother-to-be.  Helps alleviate the many physical and emotional challenges during pregnancy such as muscle aches, fatigue, headaches and water retention.

60min - $70     90min - $95


Hot Stone Massage - Melt away your tension.  The healing energy of hot stones combined with traditional hand massage gives you a deeper dimension of relaxation and overall well-being . 

60min - $70     90min - $95


Sports Massage - Perfect before or after your favorite sports activity or a hard day at work.  This massage targets specific muscles groups  increasing joint mobility, soothes aching muscles and relieves stress.  Customized treatments of trigger point, compressions, stretches and cross-fiber friction techniques are used to address your individual needs.

60min - $80     90min - $100

**Cold Stone Therapy  - A proprietary treatment that can eliminate or dramatically reduce most headache symptoms.  This revolutionary and holistic method to manage migraine and headache pain of all kinds is known as The Migraine Miracle.    This treatment includes target and trigger point therapy, blended essential oils specific for aromatherapy on face and pulse points, along with the application of 12 custom designed cold marble stones for strategic area placement.

45min - $75


AromaTouch Massage - The application of 8 essential oils to your neck, back and feet.  A whole body wellness experience that will address systemic constants that are present in daily life which may serve as limiting factors in one's health.  Applying essential oils has been shown to help increase feelings of overall health and well-being.

45min - $60


Foot Massage -  A gentle and relaxing massage to help reduce stress and tension restoring the natural vital flow of energy throughout your body.  This massage also helps with plantar faciatis.

15min - $15     30min - $35